Elevate the delivery of pharmacy services and you will elevate performance. We deploy resources, personnel and business solutions to do just that. Our commitment to a patient-centric model and use of evidence-based medicine as a fundamental covenant for accountable and cost effective care yields results. Period.

We focus on providing pharmacy solutions for large and small healthcare systems, IDNs, & independent hospitals, as well as ambulatory, retail and specialty environments. We provide proven results by implementing vital technology and real-time analytics to our strategy. Along with that, CPS is a team of people who have the passion and expertise to get the job done right.

Where You Succeed:

Operations: We ensure the pharmacy is operating at peak efficiency

Clinical: We believe the pharmacist is a key component of the healthcare model, and is essential in driving clinical initiatives

Purchasing: We provide best-in-class support for purchasing and inventory control

Regulatory & Compliance: Our dedicated team stands behind each Director of Pharmacy to ensure superior compliance from all regulatory bodies

Training & Education: Our best-in-class Learning Management System ensures that all pharmacy staff are knowledgeable in the best practices and protocols of pharmacy operations